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Discmania Vapor Essence - Canadian Nationals 2022

Flight 8/6/-2/1

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Now, you've probably heard about or maybe even thrown the Essence before. It's the fairway driver that everyone loves, thanks to its predictable high speed turn and immense glide. The Essence is one of those discs that you can find from the bags of beginners and top level professionals alike.

The stamp on this is awesome and it helps support the 2022 Canadian Nationals tournament. One of the best tournaments around and a ton of pros will be attending this year.

These Essences however, they hit a little different. The Lux Vapor material comes in an array of cool color patterns that make the discs look a bit more unique. What we love the most about the Essences however, is the fact that out-of-the-box, they are a little more stable than your average Essence in other plastics.

For long-time Discmania throwers, these can certainly feel a bit reminiscent of some of our S-line FD's of the past. When thrown with high power, one can certainly make these turn in high speed, but that turn is slower than on other Essences and the high glide on these makes them sneaky long on straight line hyzerflips and soaring anhyzers.

If you're a little frustrated with our new C-line FD's being a touch more overstable than you're used to, pair your FD with one of these and you'll have the tools you need for an amazing array of fairway drives.

Good for: All skill levels, straight and turning shots from backhand & sidearm.