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Doomsday Discs Prepper Starter Set

Doomsday Discs

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$49.99 CAD
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$49.99 CAD

The end is near, and Doomsday Discs is here to help you prepare with this premium quality starter set at an affordable price. Stockpile a healthy supply of discs for the post-apocalyptic courses of the future, starting with this set that includes two premium plastic drivers, a premium mid-range, and a baseline putter. This is everything you need to dive into the Doomsday Discs brand, or into the abyss, as the case may be.

  • Includes these Discs: Cataclysm, Dystopia, Despair, and Bleak
  • Three discs in premium, long-lasting "Survival" plastic and one putter in softer "Ration" plastic
  • Includes a Doomsday Discs logo mini to mark your lie
  • Affordable price for one of the best starter sets on the market
  • A variety of discs provide a variety of shots to help shape your game
  • Even experienced players will find this set to be an excellent addition to their bags