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Kastaplast Messenger Bag (Hiva)


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Kastaplast is happy to announce its first bag to the market. Hiva. The driving force behind the brand has always been a feeling that disc golf is a sport that can fit into everyone’s life. It is not competitive if you don’t want it to be, it should always feel easy to put the bag on the shoulder and get out for a round, the joy of attending on your own terms and getting better, together with a great community.

Hiva wants to be a bag that underlines just that. A hybrid between sports and everyday life, just like Kastaplast when it all started. Let’s throw some disc and see where it takes us!

It is a classic messenger bag with enough room for the casual round of disc golf, including the usual accessories. You could also wear the same bag to the next meeting or class with the same confidence. It has a 13” laptop compartment and the inner wall can be removed to fit more cumbersome stuff, and several small pockets to keep everything tidy.

This messenger bag holds up to nine discs and has several small pockets and compartments. The minimalistic design makes it a good companion both on and off the disc golf course. The inner wall is removable, and the bag will comfortably hold a 13” laptop. It is made of water protected fabric and the strap is adjustable. Casual and classy!

Measurements: 40 x 24 x 10 cm