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Legacy Protege Clutch

Flight 2/3/0/1

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The Clutch is a straight flying, low speed disc that holds its line on the release angle. The disc is designed with very little fade in its flight. The Clutch is available in multiple plastics, making it the perfect weapon for drives, approaches and especially putting. The Clutch also has more glide than most putters, for those longer putts.

Our gravity edition is a soft version of our protégé edition plastic, with a tacky feel for grip. The added flexibility in our gravity edition will absorb the impact of the chains. This blend is great for beginners and experienced professionals alike. Gravity edition plastic is offered in our putters and mid-ranges. Many players appreciate the softer feel, leading to more confidence out of the hand and into the chains. This plastic tends to be slightly less stable than our stiffer protégé edition plastic, supporting a softer touch around the chains.