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Loft Alpha Solid Silicon - Supernova Triple Stamp

Flight 5/4/0/3

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This is our α-Solid Supernova Series with triple foil multi-color stamp. 
This is the first time we have made triple stamps, and we really love how it turned out.

Løft co-founder Asger Sandahl has really put a lot of effort into designing this stamp. The design is inspired by the layout of integrated circuit computer chips which are made on a plate of Silicon, and Asger has put every little detail together one at a time piece by piece to create this. The result is even more visually pleasing than we imagined it would be, and it really comes to life on the Alpha-solid Supernova plastic. We like that the theme corresponds well to our overall vision of bringing the scientific method in as part of our disc design process. 
We hope you like it as well. Can you spot the flight numbers?

Every disc has a unique color explosion and may slightly vary from the nuances you see on the pictures! 

Silicon is a low profile overstable midrange with a soft, curvy rim design. Release it flat and expect a straight flight with a dependable fade - even in a headwind.

The α-Solid plastic is our most durable plastic. It offers excellent grip for driving purposes, while having a medium stiffness and a shiny surface finish.