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MVP R2 Nomad Special Edition

Flight 2/4/0/1.5

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The first special edition in MVP's eco-conscious R2 Neutron recycled plastic, the R2 Neutron Nomad SE is a stunning recreation of the one and only James Conrad from artist Michael RamanauskasInspired by the act of recycling itself, Michael wove a tapestry of many lines into a striking image of our 2021 World Champion. You don’t see an SE this intricate every day - we hope you love this one as much as James did!

The slightly gummy R2 Neutron Nomad makes an ideal driving and approach putter that tends to stick where it lands. Plus, with the added grip of the mixture of recycled plastics, the R2 Neutron Nomad is also a good choice for bad weather days on the course.


R2 Neutron Plastic: Replicating the look and feel of classic Neutron, R2 Neutron - as a combination of many colors of Neutron plastic - is only be available in black cores with white rims (to differentiate from the classic MVP lineup). R2 Neutron discs will fly the same as their Neutron counterparts, but with the benefit of being more eco friendly.